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Here I'll include some of the jucier stuff I hear. No guarantee of the accuracy of what you read in this column!

roumor has it that the script for "one son" had the following dialouge: (in decontamination shower, scully looking over naked mulder)

scully: my,my
mulder: right back at you, red

ah, love:)


David is going to be in a new movie called "how to survive a hotel room fire". shooting should begin in november. stars include david hyde perice.

David Duchovny is set to play a role in the upcoming movie called Zoolander. Soon to be coming out :)

ok, if u didn't already know david's b-day is August 7th 1960. (thought u might like to know)

Mr. Showbiz is an excellent source of entertainment information check it out at E! online.

contributed by amber

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