Basic Info On David
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Basic Info On David
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General Info On the Star

i cannot gaurentee that this information is accurate



When David was 4 years old,he announced to his father that he wanted to be a bathtub when he grew up.


Date of birth- August 7th. 1960
Full name- David William Duchovny
Height- 6 feet
Weight- 185 lbs.
Cars- Dodge Durango,BMW sedan
Sports- Baseball,Basket ball-Knicks
Father- Amram Duchovny
Mother- Margret Duchovny
Brother- Daniel Duchovny
Sister- Lourie Duchovny
Pets- Blue Duchovny,Gorge Duchovny
Mother in law- Emily Leoni
Children- Madeliane West Duchovny
Education- Yale,Princeton (he has a masters in english and graduated near the top of his class)

This list will be updated in the future